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The Electric Spacecraft Journal is a journal of individual exploratory research, publishing articles by amateurs and professionals from the fields of engineering, physics, education and science. Most contributors also participate in the Network. We strive to present alternative concepts and combine research efforts to work toward a common goal: making achievable "quantum leaps" in space travel.

Released December 24, 2010

ESJ 46

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"Abolishing the Wave-Particle Duality Non-Sense,"
       Xavier Borg

"An Introduction to Tesla Secondary Coils,"
      Duane A. Bylund

"Solitonic Model of the Electron, Proton, and Neutron,"
      Pavel Sladkov

Book Reviews
Tesla Coil Builder's Guide to the Colorado Springs Notes of Nikola Tesla
      by Richard Hull

Electrostatic Motors: Their History, Types, & Principles of Operation
      by Oleg D. Jefimenko

Schumann Resonance
Tunable Resonance

ISSUE #48 was released in a twin mailing with ESJ #47. It is a special issue providing an overview of some of the common causes of mistaken claims of overunity. ESJ Staff would like to thank everyone at Hathaway Labs for providing the educational foundation for this issue.

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