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1 Electrokinetic Works of T. T. Brown; Searl’s Levity Disk Generator; Electrostatic Concentric Field Generator Experiments

2 T. T. Brown and the Bahnson Lab Experiments; Tesla’s Tower (Wardenclyffe); Flying Into Orbit

3 The Power Wave (1899-1991); Magnetic Currents – the Monopole?; Repulsion Field Roller Magnet Experiments; Dielectric Gravity Field Sensors; Theory of Orthogonal Radiation; U.S. Air Force Reports

4 The Hutchison Effect; Rainbow in the Lab: The John Hutchison Story; Electrogravitics: Back to the Future; Thoughts on the Biefield-Brown Effect; Morton’s Space Drive

5 Toroidal Spark Gap Engine; Dipolar Force Field Propulsion System; Electrostatic Lift Experiments; Tesla Coil Electric Field Thrust Experiments; The Jumping Electrostatic Top; Electromagnetic Propulsion References

6 Princeton Electric Propulsion Device; The Pulse Device; Ball Lightning Conference; The Chukanov Plasma Ball; Circuit Analysis of the Hyde Generator; Comments on the Hyde Generator

7 Volcanic Ball Lightnings; The Philadelphia Experiment Revisited; Zero Mass Loss Thruster Devices; Hendershot and Prentice Generators; Gravity: A Contrarian Viewpoint

8 Electrostatic Longitudinal Waves – Tesla/Kovac RF Rectifier; The Philadelphia Experiment Revisited – Part II; A Theory of Electrogravitics; Exploding Wire Experiments; The Complexified Aether

9 Tesla Coils and Electrostatics; Anomalous Radioactive Variations; Gravitation and Electrical Action; The Hutchison Effect Apparatus

10 Telsa Magnifier Basics; Ampere Electrodynamics; Eddy Current Model of Ball Lightning; The Pressure of Magnetic Fields and the Minimum Energy Density of the Spacetime Continuum; Speculation Related to Electric Field Propulsion

11 Tesla Electrostatics and Plasma Balls; The Wimshurst Generator for High-Energy Research; Electric Propulsion at Princeton; Toroidal Spark Gap Engine Tests

12 A Talk with John Searl; Reports from the 1994 New Energy Symposium; Longitudinal Electrodynamic Wave Experiments; Russian Patent on Longitudinal Electrical Transmission; A Focusing Property of the Ellipse; Thoughts from Bill Whamond

13 The Alzofon Papers: Gravity Control; Experimental Investigation of an Electromagnetic-Gravitational Interaction; Electric Propulsion/Antigravity; Charged Barrier Technology

14 Water Arc Explosions; Plasma Shaping: An Atomic Transmutation Concept; T. T. Brown’s Electrogravitics; Gorgons from the Volcanoes

15 The Magnetic Resonance Amplifier; Memories of Tesla at Wardenclyffe; The Tesla Longitudinal Wave; The Electrostatic Machines of Holtz and Wimshurst

16 Electrostatic Force Flow Visualization; Morphing the Electrostatic Generator for Flight; Electrum Validum Entities; Detailing a Van de Graaff Generator Design; T. Townsend Brown Experiment Replicated

17 Electrostatic Ion Thrust Experiments; Electrostatic Transmission in Air; Alternative Antenna Designs; Aluminum Dust Experiments: Website

18 c = (ε0μ0); T. Townsend Brown Notebooks; Fringe Science Conferences; Electrostatic Experiments; Tesla Coils, Electric Gradients and Electrostatics; Electrostatic Force Experiments

19 ESJ Forum – Electromagnetics; The Photon; Electric Propulsion Patents 1928-1995; ESA Conference Summary; IANS Conference Summary

20 Electrostatics and Its Measurements; Isotropic Capacity; Casimir Forces; T. T. Brown’s Rock Electricity; Spark Experiments

21 Energy Synthesis; The Perpetuation of Error; Physical Models for Elementary Particles, Atoms and Nuclei; The Origin and History of the Smith Coil

22 ESA Conference Summary; Fusor Neutron Generators; Red and Green Energy; Hertz’ Equations of Electrodynamics; Electric Field Propulsion, Concepts from Independent Researchers

23 Fusors; Electrostatic Fusion at the University of Illinois; The Extended Electron; NASA Explores Space Travel Concepts

24 Electromagnetic Propulsion Via a Vacuum-Interactance Push; Electric Spacecraft Propulsion by Specially-Conditioned EM Fields; Electrogravitio Thruster; Ball Lightning

25 VACE Experiments; Vacuum of Space Cathode-Ray Propulsion System; An Electrically Powered Launch into Space; Combined Antigravity Experiments; Gravity Drop Experiments with Magnet Plates

26 Rare Notes from Tesla on Wardenclyffe; Laboratory Investigations of Specially-Conditioned EM Fields; The Wallace Inventions, Spin Aligned Nuclei, the Gravitomagnetic Field, and the Tampere Experiment: Is There a Connection?; Physical Significance of the Vector Potential; Energy and Charge

27 The Gravitational Spacecraft; Electromagnetic Space Ship: An Electrical Essay; Experiments with Ion Threads; The Teslon; Kinetic Energy, Momentum and Inertia; The Shape of Light

28 ESJ Forum: The Shape of Light; Construction and Testing of a Bipolar Tesla Coil; Stimulated Forces Demonstrated: Why the Trouton-Noble Experiment Failed and How to Make It Succeed; The Universe and the Antiverse: Is Velocity the Prime Dimension?

29 The Morton Electric Thruster; Magnetic Control of Discharge Tube Current; Matter Waves; Experimental Pyromagnetic Propulsion Concepts

30 Electroaerodynamic (EAD) Wind Tunnel Experiments, The Advanced Reduced Drag Aircraft Project, Morton Experiment : Report #1, Spark Gap Tube Experiments with a Bipolar Tesla Coil, Terrestrial and Astronomical Lightning

31 Jefimenko Paper Reviews; Is the Standard Solution of the Oscillating Electromagnetic Dipole Physically Satisfying?; Morton Experiment: Report #2; eGroup Discussions

32 Electrical Polarization Waves; Electric Weather Forces; Foundation of Physics

33 Ion Jets in the Fifth State of Matter; The Ice Spike Experiments of John Cooper III; Electrically Activated Water; Naudin's Lifter Phenomenon

34 Special Issue: Earth's Electrodynamic Environment

35 Dielectrophoresis; Experimental Atomic Diode: Direct Energy Conversion; Repeating the Wiggle Wand Experiments; A Close Look at Charge Deposition from a Pulsed Tesla Coil System

36 High Potential, Alternating E-Field Electrostatic Charge Transfer; Evidence of Scalar Longitudinal Waves; Neon Sign Transformers for the Researcher; The Speed of Gravity; Fireball Production from a Tesla Coil

37 Inside the ESJ Networkers' Lab & Mini-Conference Center; Tour of the High Energy Amateur Science Lab; What Part of Coulomb’s Law Don't You Understand?; The Fascinating Electro Wand; Electromechanical Charge Shuttle: Electrostatics In Action; Level-Shifted Tesla Coil Designs

38 Interference Patterns in Electrostatically-Contained Plasma; A Thermodynamic Cycle for Heat to Electrical Energy Conversion by Means of Ferroelectrics; Plasma Displays and Inert Gas Discharge Tubes (IGDT); Flyback Transformers; Electromagnet Project; Inverse Doppler Effect; Dusty Plasmas

39 Inertial Modulation: A New Tool for Probing the Law of Electromagnetic Force; The Troubled Theories of Magnetic Induction; Behavior of an Accelerated Scale; Magnetic Deflection of Electrons Using Vacuum Tubes; The Case of the Lifter: Efficiencies, Power Needs, Limitations, Prospects; But There Are Accelerated Charges

40 Inertial Modulation: A New Tool for Probing the Law of Electromagnetic Force - Part II; The Working Principle of the Lifter in Air; A Tesla Rotating Magnetic Field Demonstration Project; Small Li-Po Battery Test to Determine Relative Power Delivery Rate to Weight Ratio at Different Loadings; The Streamer Theory of Spark Discharge; High Powered Pulse Generator "Zapper"

41 Inertial Modulation: A New Tool for Probing the Law of Electromagnetic Force - Part III Tuning Fork Experiment; Final Thoughts on Tesla's Work with High-Frequency Alternating Currents; Zapper III Report; What's Behind Faraday's Magnetic Lines of Force

42 Nature to the Rescue of Man; An Interesting Phenomenon Associated with Lifter Operations; Equations of Electrodynamics for Conductors in Motion; Solenoid Launchers; Nightmares of the Art of Measuring

43 Bernoulli Equation for the Aether and Ampere's Effect; Review of Bolonkin's Non-Rocket Space Launch and Flight; Classic Flying Saucers May Not Have Been Electric; Spooky Action at a Distance: An Explanation of Bell's Theorem

44 Interstellar Drives; Lifting Where We Stand; The Experiment of Fizeau as a Test of Relativistic Simultaneity

45 Mach’s Principle & Nonlocal Mass Interactions; Portrait of the Rocketeer as a Young Man; Fine-Structure Properties of the Electron, Proton, and Neutron; Peter Terren’s Tesla Down Under

46 Tribute to Tom Van Flandern; 39 Questionable Assumptions in Modern Physics; Instantaneous Action at a Distance: Pro and Contra; Oldies but Goodies: Classic Works Advocating IAAAD

47 Abolishing the Wave-Particle Duality Non-Sense; An Introduction to Tesla Secondary Coils; Solitonic Model of the Electron, Proton, and Neutron

48 Special Issue: A number of perpetual motion devices have been debunked, but they keep appearing in proposals for breakthrough physics.

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