Electric Spacecraft, Inc.

Electric Spacecraft, Inc. is a network of interactive researchers from around the world seeking electrodynamic propulsion techniques for space travel by questioning assumptions and testing the limits of institutionalized science. Garage tinkerers, armchair philosophers, and university physicists are invited to share objective data and well-reasoned hypotheses offering new insights into the nature of electrostatics, electromagnetics, atomic physics, gravity and inertia, and energy. ESI’s Electric Spacecraft Journal, provides a forum for cognitive thought provoking submissions to be read and debunked or expanded upon by others in the network. ESI is also in the infant stages of launching a line of educational science toys. Our first product is the Electro Flyer.


limited reprint edition of
The Tesla Coil Bulder's Guide to
the Colorado Springs Notes
of Nikola Tesla

by Richard Hull
Tesla Coil Builders of Richmond, Virginia
High Energy Amateur Science

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